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It’s a tricky question for those with Erectile Dysfunction, “Should I wear a condom with my penis sleeve?” There are a couple of answers to this question, and it all depends upon your relationship. Whether you have one partner or multiple, it’s always best to practice safe sex. Using condoms protects you and your partner from sexually transmitted diseases and infections, but condoms are not always necessary depending upon your relationship status and the sexual health of your partner. Here’s some information and helpful things to consider if you’re wondering whether you need to use a condom with your penis sleeve. 

What kind of sex life do you have? 

If you’re in a monogamous relationship, using condoms is something you and your partner need to discuss. If you’re only using your penis sleeve with one person, there isn’t really a need to use a condom to protect from STDs or STIs because the only person coming into contact with your sleeve is your partner. They can’t give themselves an STD, but if they have an allergy to silicone, a lambskin condom may help with irritation. 

If you’re seeing multiple partners, definitely use a condom. Even though you’re using a prosthetic penis, bacteria and viruses can still get caught in the material and could transmit to another person you’re using it with. You should always wash your penis sleeve after use with warm water and soap, or a specialized sex toy cleaner. Some people get a sleeve for each partner they have, that way there’s no risk of transmitting a potential STI. But be safe and use a condom if you’re intimate with more than one person on a regular basis. 

Consider the lubricant you’re using. 

There are a lot of silicone lubricants, and if you’re using them with your penis sleeve, they may degrade the silicone and make it easy for bacteria to nestle in and grow. It may sound strange, but depending upon the type of silicone used in the lubricant, it has the potential to start “eating away” at the silicone in your sleeve. If you’re using a silicone-based lube, a condom would protect the sleeve and prevent the breakdown of its silicone molecules. Be sure to use a silicone-safe lube to ensure a longer lasting prosthetic. 

Think about how often you want to clean your penis sleeve. 

Your prosthetic penis should be treated like your real one — take care of it and keep things clean. This will not only keep your sleeve in good condition, but it’s better for your partner. Using a condom makes the cleaning process a little easier and will help keep your sleeve in tip-top condition for a while. Plus, your partner will appreciate you taking the time to clean and maintain something they get quite intimate with. 

In all things, be honest and open with your partner in your communications. What they want matters, and you should both prioritize your sexual health. So, explore our accessories, sleeves, and more today to get intimate again!

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