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Since 2004, RX Sleeve has specialized in the manufacturing of realistic penis extensions to help men combat issues that prevent them from fulfilling intimacy with their partner, whether this is ED due to prostate cancer, decreased libido, diabetes, genital injury, hypertension, medication interactions, or micropenis. No matter the medical issue, RX Sleeve has the product for you.

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RX Sleeve for ED allows men to reignite their love life and restore confidence. Our realistic penis extensions each have a unique shape and external size.

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RX Custom Sleeve

Additionally, we give our customers the option to fully customize their penis sleeve, making it 100% their own.



You can enhance your RX Sleeve experience with our selection of rod inserts, lube, and our ring kits.



Explore our assortment of supplements that provide hair enhancement, prostate support, and sexual vitality.

The realistic penis extensions offered at RX Sleeve are made of a durable and safe silicone material and are easy to use. The sleeve is designed to slip comfortably over your penis. There is an internal hole intended for you to slip your penis inside. (When taking your measurements, please note that the inner girth hole, when purchased in ‘soft’ firmness option, has the ability to stretch ½” wider in girth.)

The team of experts at RX Sleeve is proud of the work they do, reigniting the sex lives of men who had previously thought such measures of rejuvenation weren’t a possibility. Bring back a feeling of intimacy and closeness with your partner today, thanks to the RX Sleeve for ED.

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