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External Size:

7.75” Length x 6.3” Girth


RX Sleeve’s Limited-Time model Zane, one of the highly realistic, definitely ready to help you restore your confidence in the bedroom. Measuring in at about 7.75” in length, and approximately 6.5” in insertable length, this realistic penis sleeve for pleasure. The girth down the shaft varies , but is about 6.3”.  You can customize the length for a perfect fit with an Adjustable Inner Rod & you can customize the girth with a Girth Enhancer.
surfside model

Girth Enhancer Kit: The enhancer allows you to insert yourself into a sleeve of a large hole girth size. Each kit comes with four (4) uniquely sized premium soft rollable silicone tubes.

An instructional YouTube video can be found here: "Using an enhancer"

Adjustable Inner Rod: The insertable silicone rod can act as an erection aid to fill the air gap between the head of your penis and the end of the sleeve.



  • For Adventurous Couples: The Outlaw is a large penis sleeve to give you back your confidence and spice things up in the bedroom.
  • Comfortable Length: With a length of 7.1”, this sleeve will please your partner.
  • Insertable Length: The insertable length of the Outlaw is about 6.1”.
  • Adjustable Inner Rod: The optional Adjustable Inner Rod will ensure a perfect fit.
  • The Grip: Our secure, comfortable harness system ensures your sleeve stays put.
  • Repair or Replace: Be confident with our Repair or Replace Warranty for $99 that covers your item for one year.


Meet the Outlaw, the large penis sleeve ready to be your new sex aid. Many men struggle with the debilitating effects of erectile dysfunction. At RX Sleeve, our mission is to find a solution to this deflating problem. RX Sleeve wants to reassure you that you’re not alone if you’re a man who struggles with getting or maintaining an erection. The Outlaw is the sleeve for you if you’re an adventurous couple looking to intensify your sex life and reach heightened pleasure with your partner.

Like all RX Sleeve products, the Outlaw is made from Certified “Skin Safe” Platinum Silicone. Our products are available in three different colors.

All of our products, including this impressively large penis sleeve, have the Grip System pre installed. “The Grip” is a revolutionary harness system that ensures your sleeve stays in place at all times, even during intense intercourse. Additionally, you can have peace of mind when you add our “Adjustable Inner Rod” to your order. This feature makes sure that even when you’re not fully erect, you’re still able to penetrate your partner, no problem.

Take back control of your love life and find out why the Outlaw is the ideal sleeve for you.

**Note: all sizes may vary slightly.
**Sold as a novelty item.


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