External Size:

8.8” Length x 7.6” Girth


Pismo is a wearable penis extender made for men with ED that externally measures approximately 8.8" in length and 7.6" for girth. Pismo's uniqueness comes with a considerably larger internal girth measuring about 6.5" in length and 5.5 to 6" for the girth hole.



  • An Extra-Large Girth: The girth, measured at mid-shaft, is 7.6”
  • Extra-Long Length: This sleeve, from the tip to the base, is 8.8” long.
  • Hole Length: The Pismo has an inner hole length of 6.5 inches.
  • Adjustable Inner Rod: You have the option to include an Adjustable Inner Rod to create the perfect Pismo for you.
  • The Grip: Each RX Sleeve comes with our patented harness system known as “The Grip” to help keep your sleeve in place.
  • Repair or Replace Warranty: Want some peace of mind? Buy the $125 Repair or Replace Warranty.


Pismo is a natural feeling penis sleeve used for enhanced sexual experiences for men with ED. Every sleeve comes with an adjoining loophole creating comfort and a great fit while maintaining security during sexual activities.

Pismo easily goes on with lubricant. RX Sleeve provides an adjustable paracord harness with every sleeve for an optimal stay-on effect during pleasure courses. An inner rod system may be added to Pismo when a full erection is not attainable.

Certified Silicone Safe Skin is the material used for all RX Sleeve extenders. Our wearable penis extenders can be ordered in three natural color choices: Caramel, Vanilla, and Coco.

RX Sleeve helps men working through ED by providing private, custom wearable penis extenders. We realize intimacy is vital in every relationship and strive to provide you with a product that will enhance these experiences. Our company offers the custom-built Pismo to support the needs of each man and his partner for renewed sexual intimacy.

RX Sleeve’s top-quality, realistic wearable penis extender is a great way to regain your positive sexual energy and outlook. Don’t waste another day! With the use of a soft, flexible measuring tape, order your size and fit today! Shop today and get $25 Priority Shipping in the U.S. All products are shipped discreetly and privately.

**Note: all sizes may vary slightly.
**Sold as a novelty item.


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