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External Size:

7.2” Length x 5.7” Girth


The Maui is a penis sleeve with a tapered head and glans for easier insertion. It has a length of 7.2” and a girth of 5.7”.
Maui Hole


  • A large girth: The girth, measured at mid-shaft, is 5.7 inches.
  • Long length: This sleeve, from the tip to the base, is 7.2 inches long.
  • Hole Length: The Maui has an inner hole length of 5.0 inches.
  • Adjustable Inner Rod: You have the option to include an Adjustable Inner Rod to create the perfect Maui for you.
  • The Grip: Each RX Sleeve comes with “The Grip” to help keep your sleeve in place..
  • Repair or Replace Warranty: Buy our $125 Repair or Replace Warranty.


Introducing the Maui, the male penis sleeve designed intentionally with a tapered head to make insertion during intercourse easier. This realistic sleeve is ideal for all couples looking to enhance their sex life that’s been compromised by ED or other debilitating issues. If you are a man struggling with ED, you are not alone. RX Sleeve specializes in creating solutions that help get your love life back on track, reigniting the passion in the bedroom you once enjoyed.

Measuring in at approximately 7.2” from the tip of the head to the base, and approximately 5.7” girth, the Maui is the answer to the pesky ED interfering with your sex life. Reclaim your love life and give your partner the exceptional performance she deserves with this male penis sleeve. Watch this helpful tutorial to ensure you are measuring yourself correctly for your realistic penis sleeve.

Like all RX Sleeve products, the Maui is expertly designed from our Certified Skin Safe Platinum Silicone. This material gives our male penis sleeves a comfortable feel, allowing you to exercise your right to penetrate your partner without experiencing discomfort. Feel secure that your Rx Sleeve is secure with The Grip, a harness system comprising a belt and comfortable testicle loop to keep your sleeve in place. All products are available in three skin tones. Choose the tone that best suits you here.

The Maui and all other RX Sleeve products come equipped with many features that make our sleeves the industry standard. With our revolutionary Grip System, you can feel confident that your sleeve will stay securely in place the entire time you’re wearing it. Additionally, RX Sleeve products come with the option for an adjustable inner rod, letting your partner enjoy long-lasting penetration even when the user isn’t fully erect.

Take a look at these raving testimonials and discover why everyone is talking about RX Sleeve products. Have you tried Howdy Handsome’s Sexual Vitality, a powerful blend of nutrients designed to improve your vitality and performance? Get a handle on your ED and enjoy your love life again.

**Note: all sizes may vary slightly.
**Sold as a novelty item.

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