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External Size:

7.5” Length x 8” Girth


Laguna is a wearable extra thick penis sleeve for men living with ED. The Laguna has an external measure of about 7.5" in length and 8" for girth.  You can customize the length for a perfect fit with an Adjustable Inner Rod & you can customize the girth with a Girth Enhancer.

Girth Enhancer Kit: Each kit comes with four (4) uniquely sized premium soft rollable silicone tubes. Each tube can help increase the girth of your penis to fit into a model with a larger hole size. The tubes can be rolled onto the penis, similar to a condom.  For instance, if your penis girth measurement is 3.5″ and your preferred model has a 4.5″ girth hole, you can roll the soft appropriate tube(s) onto your penis. The enhancer will allow you to insert yourself into the sleeve for a snug fit (some lubrication may be necessary).. Individual Girth Enhancer tubes are sold separately and are found under accessories.

A detailed YouTube video can be found here: "Using an enhancer"

Adjustable Inner Rod: The insertable silicone rod can act as an erection aid to fill the air gap between the head of your penis and the end of the sleeve.



  • An Extra-Large Girth: The girth, measured at mid-shaft, is 8.0”
  • Extra-Long Length: This sleeve, from the tip to the base, is 7.5” long.
  • Hole Length: The Laguna has an inner hole length of 5.5 inches.
  • Adjustable Inner Rod: You have the option to include an Adjustable Inner Rod to create the perfect Laguna for you.
  • The Grip: Each RX Sleeve comes with our patented harness system known as “The Grip” to help keep your sleeve in place.
  • Repair or Replace Warranty: Want some peace of mind? Buy the $125 Repair or Replace Warranty.


The Laguna has a larger girth externally, the inner hole measures approximately 5.5″ in length and 5.5″ or 6.0″ in girth. The Laguna’s natural touch and look provide the extra thick penis sleeve as a desirable attribute for men during intimate occasions with partners.

The individual penis sleeve comes with an attached loophole to securely and sensually place it around the penis and testicles providing excellent performance. There is an adjustable paracord belt harness that will accompany all RX Sleeves. There is an option to add an inner rod when there is a lack of a full erection. The inner rod will substitute for the erection providing an excellent experience for your partner.

Certified Silicone Safe Skin is RX Sleeve’s go-to material used for all products. Customize your extra thick penis sleeve today by contacting one of our expert agents. Get the fit and firmness you most desire. Laguna has three natural color options: Caramel, Vanilla, and Coco.

There is an add-on warranty option to replace or repair your Laguna. Your sleeve will be shipped in two to three weeks privately through Priority Shipping in the U.S. or Express mail to Canada and International shipping.

RX Sleeve provides penis sleeves for men who desire a more considerable girth for their intimate relationships. We specialize in creating handmade, built-to-order penis sleeves, so each man can feel confident and excited about spending time with their partner.

RX Sleeve takes pride in providing a top-quality, extra thick penis sleeve that allows men with ED to get engaged sexually again. A flexible measuring tape is best to find your custom size and fit so that you can add your new Laguna to your cart!

**Note: all sizes may vary slightly.
**Sold as a novelty item.


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