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External Size:

6.5” Length x 5.1” Girth

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The Hermosa is a 6 inch penis sleeve with an inside length of 5” and an inner hole girth of 3.5” or 4”. This sleeve is perfect for the first-time user.  The Adjustable Inner Rod also lets you tailor the internal length for a perfect fit & you can customize the girth with a Girth Enhancer.

hermosa model

Girth Enhancer Kit: The enhancer allows you to insert yourself into a sleeve of a large hole girth size. Each kit comes with four (4) uniquely sized premium soft rollable silicone tubes.

An instructional YouTube video can be found here: "Using an enhancer"

Adjustable Inner Rod: The insertable silicone rod can act as an erection aid to fill the air gap between the head of your penis and the end of the sleeve.



  • Average Girth: The Hermosa has an outer girth of 5 inches, ideal for the first-time penis sleeve user.
  • Slender Shaft: This penis sleeve has an outer length of 6.5 inches.
  • Hole Girth: The Hermosa’s inner hole girth is 4 inches.
  • The Adjustable Inner Rod: Include an Adjustable Inner Rod for only $40 more. It will create the perfect Hermosa for you.
  • The Grip: Each RX Sleeve comes with our patented harness system known as “The Grip” to keep your RX Sleeve in place.
  • Repair or Replace:  For $125, you can purchase a Repair or Replace Warranty should anything happen to your penis sleeve.


RX Sleeve’s Hermosa is our approximately 6 inch penis sleeve and the answer for issues that may be putting a damper on your sex life and ability to experience the intimacy you crave with your partner. With a slender and effectual shaft, the Hermosa is ideal for any couple just beginning to explore realistic penis sleeves.

This introduction sleeve has a length of about 6.5” and a girth of around 5” and will leave your partner and you equally satisfied by your outstanding bedroom performance. The length of Hermosa is measured from the tip of the head to the base, while the girth is measured at about mid-shaft. Hermosa’s inner length is about 5”, and your partner can expect to enjoy approximately 5.5” of insertable length at maximum penetration. Be sure that when you’re selecting your 6 inch penis sleeve, you’re doing so based on your specific measurements with this provided guide.

Hermosa, like all RX Sleeve products, is designed from certified “Skin Safe” Platinum Silicone and comes in the choice of three different colors to ensure the most realistic aesthetic for your penis sleeve.

All sleeves have the Grip System installed. This revolutionary harness system designed by RX Sleeve ensures your 6 inch penis sleeve stays in place at all times during intercourse. All Grips come equipped with a comfortable stretchable silicone loop with a sizable opening to facilitate easy use, as well as a Belt Harness made out of soft and durable paracord. Hermosa can be customized with an adjustable inner rod for just $40 more, allowing for a perfectly matched sleeve for complete penetration even when the user is not fully erect.

If you are a male suffering from ED or other sexual health issues, you’re not alone. Contact RX Sleeve today and order your realistic penis sleeve.

**Note: all sizes may vary slightly.
**Sold as a novelty item.

1 review for Hermosa

  1. RX Sleeve Custom avatar


    Tri-Mix is a nightmare. First off try finding a pharmacy that actually can make this crap. You have to go to a Compounding pharmacy. In Colorado there are few of those even less that do sterile compounding because that’s what you need, a sterile compounding pharmacy that will make the stuff. Then there’s the cost, NOT cheap!! Plus it was embarrassing having to ask the female pharmacist and techs if they could make this. Then late one night I came across the RX Sleeve sight. I called them and the guy from the videos explained it to me. I went for it. I’ve been happier with this product than the damn Tri-mix!!
    Using the Hermosa style, works great and my wife is also enjoying it.

    -Pueblo, Colorado

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