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8.6” Length x 6.8” Girth

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The Monterey is an 8 inch penis sleeve with a girth of 6.75”. This extra-large penis sleeve has the option of an adjustable inner rod to create your ideal fit.


Monterey Slevve Hole Length



  • Large Sleeve: The Monterey is a large sleeve with a plump head and slight curvature.
  • Impressive Length: This penis sleeve has a length of 8.6 inches.
  • Hole Length: The Monterey has an inner hole length of 6.5 inches.
  • The Adjustable Inner Rod: The Adjustable Inner Rod (optional) creates the perfectly sized sleeve, just for you.
  • The Grip: Each RX Sleeve comes “The Grip”, our harness system that we designed to keep the RX Sleeve in place.
  • Repair or Replace: For $125, a Repair or Replace Warranty gives you a repair or replace guarantee for one year, should anything happen to your sleeve.


If you or your loved one is suffering from erectile dysfunction or other sexual health-related issues that are causing a drop in confidence, RX Sleeve’s collection of realistic penis sleeves can help restore a sense of pride in the bedroom. With that in mind, meet Monterey.

Measuring in at about an impressive 8.6” in length and around 6.75” in girth, Monterey is a sizable sleeve sporting a plump head and a slight curvature that is designed with maximum pleasure in mind. This approximately 8 inch penis sleeve is made from our certified “Skin Safe” Platinum Silicone that ensures comfort for you and satisfaction for your partner. The insertable length of Monterey is approximately one inch less than the total length. Monterey’s inner length is about 6.5”. Use this guide to determine the best hole girth for you.

This impressive 8 inch penis sleeve, like all other RX Sleeve products, comes expertly equipped with the Grip System. The Grip System is the revolutionary harness system that keeps your penis sleeve in place at all times. Additionally, Monterey and all other RX Sleeves, sports “The Adjustable Inner Rod,” making penetration possible even when you’re not fully erect. Monterey will help you restore intimacy in your sex life in no time.

Monterey comes in three different tones for customers to choose from. Find the tone that’s best for you. Take control of your sexual health with Monterey, and join the ranks of other satisfied customers. You are not alone in your struggles with erectile dysfunction and RX Sleeve offers the solution you and your partner have been waiting for.

**Note: all sizes may vary slightly.
**Sold as a novelty item.

1 review for Monterey

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    As a recent prostate cancer survivor – post surgery, I lost length and girth, my size diminished immensely. What an embarrassment, thankfully my partner has been understanding and supportive. He never made me feel bad about the situation but I felt horrible inside. Our friend who is an attorney, told me to purchase a sleeve before I decided to have implantation surgery. He convinced me to invest in one before I go under the knife, this sleeve just may do the job. I am thankful I took his advice and bought one. My partner and I chose the Monterey for its long length and large girth. As a 72 year old man, another surgery would have been dreadful, thankful there is a company for men like me.

    – Naples, Florida

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