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Girth Enhancer Tubes



Product Details

  • Four Tubes
  • Made from certified Skin Safe Silicone
  • The length of the penis girth enhancer tube is about 5″
    • 5″ inches external girth x 4″ internal girth
    • 4.5″ external girth x 3.5″ internal girth
    • 4″ external girth x 3″ internal girth
    • 3.5″ external girth x 2.5″ internal girth
  • The girth enhancer color is random (either Vanilla or Caramel)
  • Tubes will stretch to accommodate most penis girths
  • Not recommended to wear the penis tube for more than 30 minutes at a time.



Girth Enhancer

-RX Sleeve Girth Enhancer tubes are made from the same soft silicone as our penis sleeves. These penis girth enhancer tubes will increase the girth of your penis to fit into a model with a larger hole size. They can be rolled onto the penis, similar to a condom.

For instance, if your penis girth measurement is 3.5″ and you would prefer a model with a 4.5″ girth hole, you can roll the appropriate tube onto your penis. Then you can insert yourself into the sleeve (some lubrication may be necessary).

These girth enhancers can also be cut into smaller loops and used as constriction rings. Wearing an erectile dysfunction ring during intercourse can be a great way to restore intimacy. This multi-purpose tension ring can be used as a penis ring or a penis and testicle ring to help you maintain an erection.

A detailed YouTube video can be found here: Using an enhancer

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