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ED, its side effects, and even the stigma that comes with it can all severely impact both relationships and your self-esteem. At RX Sleeve, we’re hard at work reversing those effects with a collection of high-quality sleeves to help our customers tackle ED head-on. Explore our collection of skin-safe silicone penis sleeves, designed to be realistic and comfortable for you and your partner. If you’ve never used a penis sleeve before, reach out and talk to an expert, or visit our FAQ to get your questions answered.

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Rebuild Your Sex Life

RX Sleeve has helped thousands of couples rebuild their relationships and regain intimacy with premium erection aids. Our sleeves and extensions are built with certified skin-safe silicone, eliminating the chance of potential irritation or redness. Customers can also pick from three different color options and multiple firmness levels according to their preferences. Maintaining your penis sleeve is easy, thanks to the high-grade silicone. You can clean it and store it away discreetly without worry.

Design Your Own Sleeve!

RX Sleeve is an industry leader because of the numerous options we offer our customers. With us, you’ve got the power to design your very own silicone sleeve! You can adjust every measurement from width and length to interior hole sizes and say goodbye to uncomfortable fits forever. Additionally, you can choose the perfect model design, material firmness, and color to your liking. It’s not just about the perfect fit of your penis sleeve, but the perfect look and feel.

Grow Closer, Today

From choosing a model from our collection of silicone penis sleeves to building your own with our website, RX Sleeve makes it easy for customers to take charge of their sex lives once again. Once you’ve picked a sleeve, you can always enhance your experience with our high-quality accessories, including premium lube and rod inserts.

Order With Confidence

Dealing with the stigma that comes with ED is challenging enough already. RX Sleeve works hard to make it easier for our customers to shop for what they need with discreet customer service. Our penis sleeve deliveries are private, so only you and your partner will know what’s in the box. With only $26 , you can get your RX Sleeve in any part of the US. We also ship internationally with DHL Express, so you can benefit from our products no matter where you are. 

Reignite Intimacy With RX Sleeve

RX Sleeve has been helping men suffering from ED reignite their sex lives since 2004. Now we are ready to help you become intimate with your partner again. Don’t let erectile dysfunction and health issues get in the way of your sex life. Get your penis sleeve now and enjoy intimacy like never before. Contact us if you have any questions about our silicone penis sleeves or men’s wellness, and speak to one of our experts.


Who can use a sex sleeve?

Anyone can use a sleeve to improve sexual function. Some use RX Sleeve products to increase the length and width of their penis. Most people use it to fight premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Penis sleeves can reduce sensation during sex to help you last longer and maintain an erection.

How does a sleeve help with ED?

To get an erection, the blood vessels in the penis must relax to allow blood to flow into the penis and make it firm. Those dealing with erectile dysfunction cannot achieve or maintain this erect state. A silicone penis sleeve allows you to enjoy sexual activities.

Are penis sleeves safe?

ED support sleeves are safe to use for penetrative intercourse. RX Sleeve’s products are made with certified skin-safe silicone that provides a realistic feel. If you want to be extra cautious with multiple partners, you can use a condom with your sleeve. Don’t forget to wash your prosthetic thoroughly after every use.

Do your sex sleeves have a warranty?

Yes. You can get a 1-year repair or replacement warranty for $125. With this warranty, you can return your product once during the year to have it repaired or replaced. Call us at (833) 735-1888 or email [email protected] before sending your sleeve.

How long after ordering will I get my silicone penis sleeve?

We will try our hardest to ship your packages within two to three weeks of placing an order. However, there may be slight delays from time to time. We ship to various destinations like the US, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Ireland, and more. The shipping cost is $26 for US orders, $80 for Canada, and $150 for other countries (depending on current rates).

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