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Incontinence Assistance

At RXSleeve, we understand that incontinence can be a sensitive and difficult topic for men. That’s why we’re proud to offer a range of products that can help men manage their incontinence in a discreet and comfortable way. Whether you’re dealing with light leakage or more severe symptoms, our products can help you regain your confidence and build intimacy with your partner.

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Rebuild Your Sex Life

RX Sleeve has helped thousands of couples rebuild their relationships and regain their intimacy with premium erection aids. Our sleeves and extensions are built with certified skin-safe silicone, eliminating the chance for potential irritation or redness. Customers can also pick from three different color options and multiple firmness levels according to their personal preferences. Maintaining your penis sleeve is easy thanks to the high-grade silicone, so you can clean it and store it away discreetly without a worry.

Design Your Own Sleeve!

RX Sleeve is an industry leader because of the sheer amount of options we offer our customers. With us, you’ve got the power to design your very own silicone penis sleeve! Adjust every measurement from width and length to interior hole sizes, and say goodbye to uncomfortable fits forever.

Grow Closer, Today

From choosing a model from our collection of silicone penis sleeves, to building your own with our website, RX Sleeve makes it easy for customers to take charge of their sex lives once again. Once you’ve picked a sleeve, you can always enhance your experience with our high-quality accessories, including premium lube and rod inserts.

Order With Confidence

Dealing with the stigma that comes with ED is challenging enough already, RX Sleeve works hard to make it easier for our customers to shop for what they need with discreet customer service. Our silicone penis sleeve deliveries are private, so only you and your partner need to know what’s in the box. If you’ve got any questions about penis sleeves or men’s wellness, please feel free to contact us and speak to one of our experts!

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