EZ Sleeve

Why RX Sleeve EZ Sleeve?

Working around the anxieties brought on by ED is complicated… Using an RX Sleeve EZ Sleeve is possibly the solution for you.

Intimacy with an extender can help bring back the spark between you and your partner. With a little romance and a little fantasy, your intimacy will be satisfying and fun again.

The EZ-Sleeve is an all-in-one product.

  1. The EZ-Sleeve has one fixed unchangeable inner hole size.
  2. The EZ has a unique comfortable paracord harness/belt system

The is no other product like this in the market. …..best solution out there.

We know you’ll enjoy the comfort and security of this product for many intimate moments.

The EZ Sleeve Collection

Each sleeve has a unique Shape and External size. The sleeve is intended to slip over your penis.  An internal hole is made to insert your penis.
NOTE:  The inner Girth hole, in Soft Material, can stretch 1/2" wider in girth

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