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Why RX Sleeve?

RX Sleeve is the perfect product for men who  have problems achieving an erection due to age, a medical condition or any other cause. Imagine not having to worry about side effects, no more anxiety when it comes to getting it up and pleasing your partner every time you "get it on." 

Are you ready to reclaim your sex life?

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Each sleeve has a unique shape and external size. The sleeve is intended to slip over your penis. An internal hole is made to closely match your penis.
NOTE: The sleeve size need to be larger than your penis size.

  • EXTENDER replacement Belt


    Extender Belt – replacement

    This is a 60″ inch belt that is intended to be used with the EXTENDER line of products. Each Extender does come with a belt.  But, if for some reason the belt is missed placed, we have a replacement.  “Definitely keeps all in place”

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  • The Lube


    The lube

    This lubrication is ideal for Inserting yourself into RX Sleeve & Extender internal hole and the silicone testicle holder loop. Only a very little amount of the LUBE is required, as it is very slippery. This lubrication is water based and safe to use. Not only is this lubrication idea for the product, it will help with penetration if needed.  “Definitely worth a try, you will not regret it.”

    General Information:

    • 59 ML (2 FL. OZ)
    • Silicone Safe
    • Silky Smooth
    • Long Lasting
    • Fragrance Free
    • Washes off Easily
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  • The Ring Kit


    The Ring Kit

    This is a Kit of 6 rings with multipurpose use. There are two Large rings, two Medium rings, and two small rings. Each pair will consist of a Firm and Soft material.

    General Information:

    • Three rings in Soft silicone
    • Three rings in Firm silicone
    • Three Sizes of Rings
    • Colors are random
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