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How to Wear a Penis Sleeve from RX Sleeve

We want to make sure all of our customers know exactly how to use their penis sleeve for the best fit that’s comfortable and easy to use. Below are some steps to teach you how to use a penis sleeve and what you can expect your first time using it. In three easy steps, you can mitigate the effects of your ED and get closer and more intimate with your partner. Here’s how to wear a penis sleeve and some steps you can take to make the process go smoothly.

Make sure you have the right items.

Knowing how to wear a penis sleeve starts with having the right products on-hand. Be sure to have a lubricant to make putting the sleeve on easier, have a properly fitting prosthetic from RX Sleeve, and have your harness close by to keep things in-place and comfortable. If you have all these items, then you can move onto the next step and learn how to use your penis sleeve.

Step 1

For the first step on how to use a penis sleeve, grab your water-based lubricant and pour into your dominant hand and around the hole and loop of the sleeve. Be sure to thoroughly coat the area so you can comfortably slide your testicles into the loop without resistance and not experience pulling or tugging during use. Taking your time in this step will make it easier to know how to wear a penis sleeve and make the rest of the process comfortable.

Step 2

Stretch the loop and carefully slide your testicles into the hole. After that, slide your penis into the shaft hole. The lubricant you used beforehand should make this a comfortable process, but if you’re having trouble, add more lube as necessary. Be sure to push your penis deep enough into the shaft to ensure a proper fit.

Step 3 

Make any adjustments to your custom RX sleeve and position for comfort. Pull the drawstring to tighten or loosen your harness and make sure you can move freely without worrying about the positioning of your RX sleeve.

Now, you know how to use a penis sleeve and can get close again with your partner.

What you can expect.

Knowing how to wear a penis sleeve correctly may seem daunting, but we specifically designed the RX Sleeve to help those with ED fulfill their unique needs. The Grip is attached to the sleeve and is made of Soft Platinum silicone loop that is comfortable for your body.

Every harness comes with an adjustable 51” belt system that is easy to use and will keep everything in place. You can easily tighten or loosen the harness by pulling on one end, and it will adjust to your needs.

When it’s time to remove the Sleeve, stretch the loop to release your testicles and pull the Sleeve off your penis.
At RX Sleeve, we’re here to answer all the questions you have when it comes to how to wear a penis sleeve. If you have more questions, reach out to the team today!

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