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How To Use A Penis Sleeve

Do you struggle with erectile dysfunction or performance issues? You are not alone. RX Sleeve wants to help by introducing you to the easy-to-use realistic penis sleeves we offer to help you regain confidence in your sex life. Restore intimacy and take control of your sexual health with our incredible assortment of realistic penis sleeves intended to satisfy both you and your partner. Learn about our penis sleeves and how to use a penis sleeve below.

What is a Penis Sleeve?

A penis sleeve is an answer to your ED and intimacy problems you’ve been experiencing. All of our sleeves at RX Sleeves are realistic cylindrical penis imitations that get placed over the penis. Penis sleeves are intended to fight the pesky problems that come with aging and keep you and your partner satisfied in your sex life. Our penis sleeves come with a revolutionary harness system that is appreciated for an extra boost of confidence by many of our customers.

Should I Try a Penis Sleeve?

Are you struggling with erectile dysfunction that’s making your sex life less satisfactory? A penis sleeve could be right for you for a number of different reasons. A penis sleeve is worth trying if you suffer from decreased libido, diabetes, genital injury, hypertension, medication interactions that make maintaining an erection difficult, micro penis, or prostate cancer. Additionally, our penis sleeves can help relieve performance anxiety and restore confidence in the bedroom. If you suffer from any of these conditions, a penis sleeve from RX Sleeve could be the answer you’ve been waiting for. Our sleeves are designed with your happiness in mind.

How Does a Penis Sleeve Work?

Our penis sleeves work by easily slipping over your penis,  allowing you to always have an effectual and sizeable erection with which to enjoy intercourse. The penis sleeve is essentially a realistic extension of your penis, allowing you to eradicate all performance anxieties surrounding ED and other issues preventing you from having full confidence in the bedroom.

How to Use a Penis Sleeve

Our penis sleeves are intentionally easy-to-use. We believe you’ve struggled enough with your ED and now we want to make penetration a breeze. To use your penis sleeve, pour an adequate amount of lube into your palm, and apply generously around the hole and loop. Next, simply stretch the loop, and with caution, maneuver your testicles into the provided, now-lubricated hole, then slide your penis into the shaft hole. Lastly, adjust the position of your sleeve for utmost comfort and effectiveness in penetration by using the drawstring.

RX Sleeve products are the answer to the end of performance anxiety in your sex life. Find the penis sleeve that’s right for you today. Don’t wait to satisfy your partner with the most appreciated gusto. Give your partner (and yourself!) the gift of intimacy today and check out our fully customizable penis sleeves to find the one that’s right for you.

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