Penis sleeves are sex aid devices that work to increase a man’s penis in length and/or girth. Basically, a penis sleeve is most easily explained as a dildo that you wear. Most penis sleeves reflect the actual size, shape, and skin tone of a real penis, but as with anything, there are many varieties. People often wonder, ‘do penis sleeves work?’, and the short answer is, yes.

Penis sleeves work on many levels and might be used for numerous reasons. Some men use penis sleeves because they experience issues with erectile dysfunction (ED), a psychological or physical condition that makes it difficult for men to get or maintain an erection. Penis sleeves do work to make penetration possible for men who struggle with ED by acting as a perpetually-erect, lifelike (or enhanced), version of the real thing. This allows sex to be a possibility when it might have otherwise not been.

Another draw of the penis sleeve is that it allows couples to reach heightened levels of pleasure by letting the man literally try on other sizes, both length and girth. A penis sleeve works by adding an element of intensity to an intimate relationship. Couples who are more open to experimenting and trying out new things in the bedroom are often the most successful at maintaining intimacy long term. A penis sleeve allows a couple to play in a new and exciting way. Many women are intrigued by the idea of their partner using a sleeve, not necessarily because of ED but as a form of new and exciting pleasure.

Of course there are penis sleeves pros and cons. Some men don’t feel comfortable penetrating their partner with an ‘unnatural’ aid, or can find the harness system involved in a penis sleeve uncomfortable. When in the market for a penis sleeve, be sure you find one with proper technology to ensure your comfort.

Man and woman happily engaged in an intimate moment.

Bottom line, whether you’re using a penis sleeve as a way to address your pesky and common ED issues or as a sex toy that changes how penetration feels for your partner, penis sleeves do work.

There are other methods available for combatting ED. Many men buy into penis pumps and medication that promises a long-lasting erection. The issue with penis pumps is that, unfortunately, they’re usually too good to be true. Penis pumps come with several risks to be wary of before you go out and purchase one. For example, incorrect use might result in your penis being painfully bruised, perhaps even resulting in burst blood vessels. This can put you out of commission for quite awhile.

Man and woman embrace outsideMedication prescribed to treat ED can pose health risks. Obviously, you’ll want to consult your physician before taking any ‘magic’ pill to make you erect. It has also been reported that some men who use medication such as Viagra to treat ED are unable to maintain an erection and often have to switch to different pills.

Penis sleeves do work and though some may feel uncomfortable using them at first, when you choose the right match, you’ll understand the allure of the realistic penis sleeve to help combat ED or generally improve your sex life. See how RX Sleeve can transform your sex life today.

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