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Penis Sleeve Reviews

If you’re wondering what people have to say about the RX Sleeve, read a penis sleeve review from one of our many satisfied customers. From helping cope with the effects of ED to recovering from prostate cancer, men across the country are saying we offer the best penis sleeves on the market. No matter your reason for needing our product, we want to help men everywhere regain their confidence and restore intimacy in their relationships. Curious to learn more? Keep reading below to see what loads of customers have to say and how RX Sleeve transformed their lives!

Excellent quality products

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Excellent quality products, these sleeves are the Lamborghinis for men’s sexual aids. I was an Amazon shopper, bought everything they offered but it was low grade junk. These are the best out there. If you are considering purchasing one , press buy and you will never look back.

– Manhattan Beach, California

Wife’s view

Wife's view

Thought it would be beneficial for men thinking of making a purchase to hear the opinion of a woman over 50. If you have room, you may post this for your readers. But, you know your wife better, so go with that. My husband and I are 58 & 59. Jerold had a few issues reducing his ability to perform as before. We followed the advice of our therapist, to buy a sexual aid. After a few failed attempts we found the rxsleeve. If you’ve not been intimate for some time, it will be quite a surprise for a girl. Together the right choice was a Hermosa model. Use plenty of Lubricant, coconut oil is my preference and works well, but you decide. Tell him/or you introduce this slow, you see we need to get comfortable. It will work out.

See, I know later we may try something new.

The New Me!

couple kissing

I am 56 yr old married guy with 3 kids in reasonably good shape and i’ve hardly ever taken the time to send in a testimonial for any product, but this is no “ordinary” product.  To begin with, there probably isn’t a single guy alive who hasn’t yearned for a bigger d— and this product will blow your freakin mind!  …  now enters RX Sleeve to the rescue!  This company has found a way to customize every last detail of your dream cock in a very discreet way so that nobody else will know about your situation.  When I first began my quest to find something that would help me with my occasional ED issues, …  I was extremely nervous to spend so much money on a customized sleeve so I looked into their standard models on their website thinking that one of them would be perfect.  … I emailed Dan and he suggested … one of their new line of Extenders called the Stallion, which came with a much better designed harness system that would provide the kind of support that I truly needed.  … When my Stallion arrived and I put that sleeve on, my p—- c— was finally born!  And with their new belt harness system I was able to secure it for an absolutely perfect fit.  If you’ve been searching for the right company to trust with your hard-earned dollars, between their amazing quality products and award-winning customer service, RX Sleeve simply can’t be beat!

Happy New Year, Dan, from one of your many satisfied customers!

The day, we just decided not to settle!

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Share story in hopes it will help other men…

I am a 62 year old married man with 3 grown kids. I would describe myself as fairly normal health wise.  I have had high cholesterol from time to time. At 5’10” and 210, I may stand to lose a few pounds. I’ve had erectile dysfunction for some time now.  My prostate asks me to visit the restroom at about 10 pm every night or so.

However, I believe my problems manifested from anxiety or maybe I’m getting older?  I can’t really perform on command.  Now my erections are at about 80% firm and become 60% in minutes.

I recently decided visit my primary doctor.. he didn’t ask many questions, just gave me a prescription for 50mg pills of generic Viagra.  Waiting an hour for the pill to do it’s thing, made it hard for me to negotiate and plan for a sexual night. With wife telling me the pill could be dangerous and know she may be right only increase my anxiety. After a several attempts and minimal success, I was disillusioned and even more frustrated.

Benefit of a Sleeve

I told myself this will be my last purchase, my last attempt to feel whole, adequate and sexually in control. Sleeve package arrived and my nerves hit the ceiling … would she be game for this?  After a couple practice runs of putting it on, I was ready. “Honey… Let’s try something new…..” Amazing, amazing experience.  Not without some awkwardness, yes..

But, even now, a couple days later, I feel lighter.  A huge pile of rocks have been taken OFF from my shoulders. I don’t even care if I get sex for the next month or so.. the experience and satisfaction of her being pleased carries over, even into other aspects of my daily life.  I also think she is happy, that I am happy.  Yes, of course I may need to correct the underlying problem, but I tell you, I was so excited, I believe soon I can use the sleeve as a “backup plan”

(The Stallion – Model) –  thanks again.. and you can share this with others that can relate. – Martin , SC

I said, “Seriously?”:


We are in our late forties… I work out and keep my body health. My Husband on the other hand works hard during the week and BBQ / Beer / Buddies during the weekend. For over a year now, his erections are not what they were. Long story short, He’s been a bit self-conscious … So, he buys your Pismo in a darker color, without telling me. He comes out of the Bathroom with it on… ‘What the hell, Seriously?????????”

“What you thinking… No way!”

His persistence.. worked out.. slowly I inched my way….

I LOVE IT NOW!!!! – Kate

Customer purchase for husband:

couple holding hands

In summary : the balboa is absolutely wonderful!! It allowed my husband to regain confidence in providing me with pleasure. It was not without some push back to get him to wear it though. We are a normal couple . Most just don’t speak openly about these things. My hubby has ed. And all the side effects that follow. Like most couples with same issues my hubby has allowed me to have a fulfillment partner for many years. This kinda bothered me until I found your product. I am not saying I am giving up this partner however it allows my husband to engage back with fulfilling me on daily bases. I opened your product last night & placed the harness & appliance next to his disposal brief that I lay out nightly for him prior to us going to sleep. 

Wife purchasing a Balboa model:


“When you are done with your shower please pour me a glass of wine & come to the spare room with this tray.
I layer you out two briefs on purpose. One for now & one for later…

I have been on the sybian since you got into the shower.
See the sleeve. ?? I will put it on you after I get a back massage on the sybain. Then I want to feel the new you in me.”

 He proceed to follow my direction. I had a glass of wine & a cigarette while he rubbed my back on the sybian for about an hour. I felt just wonderful. I turn around & removed his brief & noticed it was wet. He must have been leaking. What a turn on.. I was ready myself. I put some gun oil on his penis & slid the sleeve on him then connect the harness on him.

I got off the sybain and told him to treat me like a little slutt.
I jumped on the bed & he lubed up the appliance and slid it in me.
Owe my gosh it was big. But felt just perfect after I relaxed. The harness kept it securely attached. He was able to pleasure me for an hour !!!!!
I came 7 times.
I am writing this because other women will want this device! !!!!
Don’t let the size fool you. Once you relax the appliance just fits perfectly. It will stay hard!!! So you can cum multiple times. It will stretch you… most of us like that feel.
Your man will feel like tarzan.
The only drawback is the head could be softer.

In short: my husband & I can have sex again !!!!!! In a normal format. I can honestly tell you that I have never came so many times in one setting ever !!!! Nor have I cum so hard since hi school. The balboa  is a great fit for a bigger girl . 185. That has had several children. It is critical about presentation to your man. That is why I detailed this. Total support to each others needs are critical. Providing a open & comfortable environment is key. A man can be very sensitive with ed. Sex & bladder leakage related to the ED. I engage fully as the wife and it works great for us.

Please share this with other women. Most will never speak about this however are the same as i 100%.

Your Balboa product is wonderful !!! For us women that have older men !!! Thank you so much !

Wife is happy with Sonoma model:

couple holding hands

We received the appliance today. I have to tell you it feels so terrific. It is a bit small for wild time, however my husband uses it every night on me and it is just wonderful. I do have a hard time getting him to wear it.. He would rather just put my vibrator in it and de-stress me. I am working on him to wear it a bit more.  

So, girls…. This Sonoma is a must have. Really !!!!!! We are finding that it can and will help your man and or it can be used with or without a partner which is also perfect. 

Only draw back is a husband with no sexual drive rather a drive to please me which is great but a bit clinical, if you follow. I like to feel him next to me and in me, however life issues has most of us with a partner the same.

I am lucky as he does have me hooked up with a surrogate and he likes to be part of holding me. However, anything else he really prefers to let our surrogate do. I do enjoy that however it is a bit awkward if you follow. – K. C.

Customer regarding Zuma:

couple hugging

My wife loves the Zuma and I love giving it to her. She always have really big O and that from vaginal penetrations only. Thank You for that.That’s just fun using the sleeves from you. Sex shall be fun. See you got new models – love progression and opportunities of choices. Best regards from Norway.

Bringing enjoyment:


Thank you very much. By the way this is my second order with you and I just wanted to say that my girlfriend and I are very pleased with your product. We had ordered the Monterey and I kinda surprised her with it and she said it was extremely natural feeling and quite enjoyable. Thank you again.

Wearing your Rxsleeve:

Active Sex Life Couple

Provided fairly good body heat transfer as well as allowed for ability to feel what was around it.  would run it under warm water a bit first. It was a pleasurable experience

Prostate Cancer Survivor:

Prostate cancer survivor

“As a prostate cancer survivor, the Pacifica has made me feel like a man again. I’ve been through a lot these past couple of years and am thankful for this company. I’d recommend them to anyone that feels less than a man.” Roy from Hawaii

Sexual Drive:

Couple Drinking Wine

My libido is shot now. The coronado helps me get the job done. Now can you help me with this too? JK – Brian

Customer Regarding The Grip:

old couple hugging

I have incontinence as a result of Prostate cancer surgery, and purchased your sleeve with the GRIP.  This product has changed my life, I was always self conscious to make love to my lady because the toys I bought online would bend.  Your sleeve stayed in place the entire night and my GF was loving it. I want to thank you for making this type of product. The work that you do is a life changer for me, thanks TOM for answering all my questions – I am very grateful.

Customer “Prostate and The Grip”:


I have too had incontinence from this surgery.( like a customer you had in your testimonial). Luck has it, I am better now, in that regard. Here is what I have to say.. maybe use this for another testimonial to your customers reading, if you want. My biggest problem is the loss of inches! I can get somewhat hard, as I explained to your guy on Chat/email thing… but I am also much smaller now.

Other than other metal issues, this one hurts.. My lady understands, but .. ok.. your Paradise was serious. Bigger than it looked on my phone. Good Idea on the Harness.  Without it I would not be able to keep it up.. no possibile way, I don’t get that hard to manage. anyhow, she managed.. of sorts.., I felt more self-conscious… I’t all good we love each other.

The next time I think something smaller regardless, your company does help with personal feelings and issues… although not a cure by far.. it helps , well it helped me at-least. Take care – Seb.


couple sitting on bench

“Was skeptical to purchase for the large dollar amount but am very pleased with RXSLEEVE. They answered all my questions and Tom made me feel very comfortable by answering all my numerous emails.” Kevin from Alberta

Customer psychological concerned partner:

Psychological concerned Partner

To be clear, wife has been there , and supporting… I need this for me, I think. She is ok with my new situation, but I am not.  I need the psychological satisfaction of pleasing her more. Long road ahead of me I know… but this Pacifica product really gets us both going. – RoadR.

Customer with health issues:

Custmer Health Issues

Dear Customer Service, Unfortunately life happens and I was diagnosed with pre-ejaculation with onset erectile dysfunction due to my Diabetes a few years ago.  My flaccid girth is large as well as my length. I am not able to have surgery and was told by my Dr. to contact your company for a Custom Product. Last month I called, spoke to Mike and decided to buy a Carmel Solmar with a custom hole and the Grip. When the package arrived, I opened it up and noticed the craftsmanship first hand.  The pictures on your website do not do the sleeves justice, they look very real, scary real. Needless to say, my partner and I love it. Men like myself are going through a hard time and to be able to use this makes this difficult journey easier, yes this is a difficult time in my family’s life but I feel like a man again. Take care Mike, talk to you soon.

Customer with injections:

Customer with Injections

Providing me with an alternative is comforting.  I can maintain the Medicine well, however as mentioned, the discomfort of injecting and point pain is something I can do without.  Product is not exactly perfect, but it does help get the job done. – Bill NV

Customer concerned Implant:

Customer Concerned Implant

For Mike, you were correct. The Grip did not hurt my pump. Although, I must say, it is not so easy to put my balls in the hole. It is doable.. the lubrication you sell is slippery – thank you When on, I can addjust better to the hole size. Next I may try Firm in a Mission – Charles

Need HELP – Allergy:

Couple Drinking Wine

You may recall, I am the guy with the injection reaction. My saline is kept cool, but still after injecting, it started not agreeing with me. Anyhow, the Balboa sleeve does work, GF enjoys it, and enjoys me not bitching about my issue …lol, I think. Any how thanks and will I get a discount if I order again? – Gus from AL

Customer with Implant and Grip:


Yes am the old man with younger wife, we talked before. Have had Implant done.  Must say, I lost much length. The product length was helpfull. I like to say the Grip loop was soft and large enough to fit my testicles through..  as I had concerns with accessing the mechanism. – worked out well

In a pickle:


Thank you for working with me on this Natalia, I know I am not so easy.. My Husband is frustrated with his situation..for being 50+ overweight, low testosterone, and having borderline diabetic, he is frisky mentally , but his member is not cooperating. Apparently he is not good with Sildenafil or the other one.. I love him he is okay now. Thank you for sending the Corona Model.. it feels good and he enjoys that too. The Venice model it think was not enough room for him to fit into. This one is slightly thicker than before – all good 😉 Thanks again. – Megan

internal hole sizing

couple sitting together

“Hello!  I got the items.  They are of excellent quality, but alas it seems I should have gone with either softer material or bigger hole.  The material is much harder than in the sleeve that I took the hole measurement from and they are unusable for me.  I know I took the risk so this is not about that but wonder if I can enlarge my hole myself? Can I have a discount if I order another model?”

Coming Back For More

couple holding hands

I just ordered the Carmel sleeve you have on sale. 
On another note,  the stuff you make is over the top in quality my wife and I have enjoyed the product!! This is our third ordered increasing the size every time hopefully  this will do the trick maybe not, again awesome product worth every penny

Compared With Another Popular Product

couple holding hands on table

“Have Tommy Gun and could not stand the pinching. RX is worth the money.” Robert from Arkansas

concerned with quality

old couple eating fruits

“First Class, these models are not made overseas and do not smell like the other sleeves I bought for cheaper online big store – worth the week wait.” Mark from S. Carolina

concerned with cost

Customer Concerned Implant

Hefty price but worth every dollar. My wife is a happy camper and had multiple orgasims the first night we used Solmar.  She could not keep her hands off of it. We haven’t had sex like that in a loooong time. Just want to say thanks from a very satisfied customer.

internal hole sizing

couple walking on beach

Paradise, Soft Firmness – I ordered the incorrect hole size but want you to know that everything else about the product is perfect, Texture, color, exterior size. It really is a great product. I am fortunate to not have ED,  As said I just needed something larger for my lady. Now she if fulfilled 🙂 but I order the hole a little to large for me. – thanks thou … cheers Jacob

Returning for firmer material

old couple hugging

“Hello, I have a few questions for you on the Malibu model sleeve, I currently have the Huntington that I had custom made which has been a great product.  I have tried many in the market and this one has the been the best so far. I am looking to get another one as the model I have is firm. I want it to be this way as many models in the market seem to stretch and not stay in place but now that I have had it for a while, I probably could have did the soft or average firmness based on the quality.  So, I want to get another and am looking at the Monterey for vigorous sex”

Repeat customer

couple holding hands

“My wife purchased 2 models from RX Sleeve in the past year. The quality and attention to detail is amazing. My wife and I enjoyed their quick response and the realistic feeling of the model.”   Jameson from Indiana

The RX Sleeve Difference

At RX Sleeve, we’re committed to bring our best to customers everyday. That means reading every penis sleeve review and listening to what you have to say. We’ve taken the time to truly understand the needs of our customers, so you can feel confident wearing the best penis sleeves on the market. We use high-quality silicone to ensure comfort for you and your partner. Plus, with our adjustable drawstring harness, you can customize to get a perfect fit that won’t slip. Dealing with erectile dysfunction is tough, but we’re making it a little easier with our penis sleeves and accessories you can use everyday to bring back the spark in your life! 

Explore More from RX Sleeve

We’ve created multiple accessories and assets for you to utilize alongside your sleeve. From helpful penis sleeve reviews to instructional videos, our experts are here to help you every step of the way in managing your ED. Take advantage of our private and discreet shipping and order your custom RX Sleeve today!

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