Build Your Own RX Sleeve

Designing Made Simple

  1. Customize External Length & Width
  2. Customize Internal Hole Sizes
  3. Model Design – Shape, Size & Look
  4. Material Firmness: Firm or Soft
  5. Color Selection: Vanilla, Caramel & Coco
  6. No Harness, No Tab – It’s up to your imagination
  7. Dimensional Drawing for Final Confirmation


I always have extremely high anxiety for how I would be perceived, when it came to the bedroom. This program allowed me to make what I feel is correct. The payback from this association with this product is beyond measure.” Todd

Almost overnight, I’ve become close with my partner again — people don’t understand what it is like. The love and respect of my wife is back! I know it was I that just needed to feel that I can give pleasure again — Happy to have stumble onto your website.” Mathew


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