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ED in Diabetics

ED in Diabetics

Both diabetes and ED are on the rise in the United States and even globally, but are they linked? Read on to discover the various ways ED in diabetics is more troublesome.  Studies suggest that men with diabetes are 50% more likely to experience ED than men without....

How To Deal With Differences In Libido

How To Deal With Differences In Libido

Being on the same page with your partner at all times is a laughable concept. You may have found yourself with someone incredibly similar to you in many ways, but it’s impossible, (and unhealthy!), to always be thinking exactly the same. A common place where...

Low Libido? Reasons Unrelated to Sexual Health

Low Libido? Reasons Unrelated to Sexual Health

Taking care of your physical and mental health is crucial to an all-encompassing, joyful life. Physical and mental health directly relate to the quality of your life, and this includes your sex life. Do you find that you have a low libido? Reasons can be sexual or...

Talking To Your Partner About Sex

Talking To Your Partner About Sex

It can be awkward, but communicating openly with your partner about what you want and need in the bedroom is crucial to a fulfilling relationship. Particularly for women, being vocal about what turns you on under the sheets can be intimidating, no matter how long...

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