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Looking to get the latest in men’s wellness? The RX Sleeve blog is one of the most insightful men’s health blogs you’ll find out there. From all the benefits of a penis sleeve to talking with your partner about the effects of erectile dysfunction, we’re constantly curating informative and helpful content surrounding men’s wellness both physically and mentally. Your health is important to us, and we know that means taking a holistic approach to helping customers deal with ED and overcome some of the struggles that come with it.

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While we specialize in providing high-quality silicone penis sleeves, we have a variety of men’s health blogs for customers to utilize. We’re committed to educating our customers on erectile dysfunction and giving them the products to manage it. From prosthetic penises to our lubricant, we have a full inventory stocked with items you can use everyday to get intimate with your partner again. Our sleeves are made with a certified skin-safe silicone and look incredibly realistic, so you can feel confident when you’re using this in the bedroom. Plus, we also offer custom sleeves, so you can get the perfect look, fit, and feel.

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Take advantage of all the men’s wellness tips and insights we offer at RX Sleeve! We’re always updating our content with the latest industry news and finding tidbits to help you. From instructional videos to health supplements, you’ll find a wide variety of products and assets to help you manage your ED. Explore more from RX Sleeve and shop our collection of sleeves today!

Insecurities After Seeing Male Actors Nude

Insecurities After Seeing Male Actors Nude

Even well-endowed men can feel a bit intimidated after seeing male actors nude. That’s why it’s important to remember that what you see on the screen is often far from reality, and that certainly includes TV male nudity! Sure, some guys are bigger than others, but...

What is BPH, and What are the Signs and Symptoms?

What is BPH, and What are the Signs and Symptoms?

When it comes to your health, it’s important to know your body, especially if you think you’re experiencing BPH signs and symptoms. At RX Sleeve, we take a holistic approach to men’s health and want all of our customers to know how to stay healthy and know the signs...

Easy & Effortless: What Lubricant Types Are Best With Your Sleeve?

Easy & Effortless: What Lubricant Types Are Best With Your Sleeve?

There are many lubricant types couples use to get things extra heated in the bedroom. Some tingle, some warm, some cool, and so on, but what are they made of and what option is best for you and your partner? There are two main types of lubricants sold: silicone or...

Should You Use Condoms with Your Sleeve?

Should You Use Condoms with Your Sleeve?

It’s a tricky question for those with Erectile Dysfunction, “Should I wear a condom with my penis sleeve?” There are a couple of answers to this question, and it all depends upon your relationship. Whether you have one partner or multiple, it’s always best to practice...

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