Top 10 Mistakes

Made when purchasing sleeves from other companies.

RX Sleeve can help you prevent these mistakes:

1. Hole size hurts and is not large enough to fit properly

2. Material is hard and will not stretch around your penis

3. Not painted realistic, paint rubs off and can be harmful for your partner

4. Extenders with soft material can flop and remain limp 

5. Material is toxic, made of harsh chemicals that can irritate and burn skin

6. Limited sizes are available with no custom options for you

7. Sheaths, Extenders etc. have poor functionality and will not remain in place

8. Customer Service is overseas and can be difficult to reach 

9. Material smells and leaves a residue on your hands

10. Loop can be so tight you are not able to put your testicles inside


RX Sleeve is the Industry Leader of

Erectile Dysfunction Medical Products


Our material is certified skin safe, we offer customization options with

2 types of firmnesses (STANDARD & FIRM) to meet your unique situation.



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