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What is a RX Sleeve?

RX SLEEVE by Hamilton custom designs penis sleeves for both men with medical conditions that prohibit them from obtaining an erection and/or men looking to increase their penis size/girth.  RX Sleeve will not interfere with medications, is comfortable to wear, easy to remove and can be securely attached with our patent pending harness.

RX Sleeves are proudly made in the USA, comprised of 100% platinum silicone and hypoallergenic. The materials used are non-porous, flexible and resistant to moisture.

Hamilton has created a simple safe solution for men who have longed to experience a satisfying sexual life once again.  Whether you are on medication due to a medical condition or want to increase the size of your penis, Hamilton understands your situation. Hamilton products will provide you with the confidence you desire in your bedroom.


Can I use a RX Sleeve if I suffer from E. D. (Erectile Dysfunction)?

The RX Sleeve by Hamilton is for you, if you suffer from any of the following medical conditions:

-ED (Erectile Dysfunction)



-High cholesterol

-Low blood flow circulation

-Micro Penis

-Genital Injury

-Low Libido


What type of material does the penis sleeve contain?

100% Platinum silicone

Phthalate Free


We use a secret combination of state-of-the-art platinum silicone to ensure our products withstand the potential torments of daily life. The materials used are non-porous, flexible and resistant to moisture. You can feel confident wearing your enhancement for weeks at a time. Shower, swim, hot tub, sauna is no problem with our special secret blend of materials and the optional medical adhesive (sold separately.)


How is the Hamilton penis sleeve product worn?

The penis sleeve has been designed to fit comfortably around your penis shaft, flaccid or erect the sleeve will fit comfortably and is easily applied.

You may wear our penis sleeve with a harness or with a medical grade adhesive that can be applied to your skin. 

Each Hamilton package includes a “tab” to be used with surgical adhesive to secure its’ position. If you are planning on utilizing a harness surgical adhesive is not required.


How long will it take for me to receive my order?

We ship orders 1- 2 weeks from order date, once your order is shipped a tracking number will be emailed to you. 

Custom orders generally take 4 - 6 weeks to be completed.


What type of firmness should I order?

The firmness depends on the type of erection you are able to maintain:

SOFT is for men who have a solid erection looking to add extra length or girth.

AVERAGE is for men who have an erection but may become flaccid during intercourse.

FIRM is for men who do not have any erection.


How are measurements taken?

Hamilton products have two measurements (i.e. 6 ½ x 5. ½)
The first measurement (length) is taken from the base of the balls to the tip of the head while the second measurement is the circumference of the shaft. Please note that our products are so designed to expand and contract to temperature changes just as real genitals respond so measurements are approximate. Measurements are taken at room temperature while the “package” is in a flaccid state.

You may also view the following website that explains how to measure your penis.  http://measurepenis.weebly.com/


How are custom hole measurements taken?

What size circumference should I order?

We recommend that you order your custom hole a half inch smaller then your actual size to create a suction.  For example, your size is 5.5" in girth - our recommendation would be that you order your hole size to be 5".

What is the difference in firmness?

Hamilton products can be made in three firmessess. Please note that the firmness of the silicone is directly related to the thickness/circumference of the prostetic sleeve.  The thicker the sleeve is, the firmer the silicone will feel.  


How does RX Sleeve compare to the average size penis?

Below is a common chart found online.  We have added our products for reference.



The following scatter chart was generated with data from more that 2,300 men.

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