Facts & Questions

Breaking News:

RX Sleeve was recently mentioned in a medical article.   http://tau.amegroups.com/article/view/15068/15218

After our exhibition at the AUA 2017 Urology Medical conference this year, we are proud to report that many Urologists are now helping their patients with our products.


What does RX Sleeve sell?

RX Sleeve custom designs penis sleeves for men. We currently offer 27 models in a variety of sizes. Our sleeves are ideal for men who may be experiencing difficulty maintaining an erection.  Our patented pelvic harness, comes in two different styles to ensure the model will remain affixed during sex.

Each model is proudly made in the USA, comprised of 100% platinum silicone and hypoallergenic. The materials used are clinically tested and certified 100% Skin Safe.


Can I use a RX Sleeve if I suffer from E. D. (Erectile Dysfunction)?

RX Sleeve is ideal from men who may be experiencing any of the following medical conditions:

-Prostate Cancer Survivor

-Peyronies Disease



-Pre Ejaculation


-High Cholesterol

-Low Blood Flow Circulation

-Micro Penis

-Genital Injury

-Low Libido


What type of material does the penis sleeve contain?

100% Skin Saft Platinum Silicone

Phthalate Free



How is the penis sleeve product worn?

The penis sleeve has been designed to fit comfortably around your penis shaft.  Flaccid or erect, the sleeve will fit comfortably and is easily applied.

You may wear our penis sleeve with a harness. Each model includes a “tab” that can be attached to our pelvic harness system for a secure fit. 


How long will it take for my order to ship?

Sale Items:              1-3 days

Standard Models:    2-3 weeks

Custom Design:      4-6 weeks


What type of firmness should I order?

The firmness depends on the type of erection you are able to maintain:

STANDARD: for men who have an erection but may become flaccid during intercourse. 

FIRM: for men who do not have any erection.


How are measurements taken?

Each model has two measurements (i.e. 6" x 5"). 
The first measurement (Length) is taken from the base of the balls to the tip of the head, while the second measurement is the (Circumference) of the shaft.

Every model has an outer (External) measurement and inner (Internal) measurement. The outer size is the actual penetration size.  The internal size is the area where the penis will be placed inside of during intercourse.  Each model has the ability to be made with a "Custom Hole" for a perfect fit - at an additional cost. 

Measuring instructions available at:   http://measurepenis.weebly.com/


How are custom hole measurements taken?


Each model has a different maximum hole Crircumference and Length that it can support.  Under each product description, the following symbols will show those maximum values:


What size Girth/Circumference should I order?


We recommend that you order the Custom Hole a half inch smaller than your actual girth size to create a suction when ordering the STANDARD firmness.  For example, your size is 6" Length x 5.5" Girth, please order 6" Length x 5" Girth.


We recommend that the Custom Hole be your actual size, do not decrease any measurements. If you are ordeing the FIRM firmness. For example, your size is: 5" Length x 4.5" Girth, please order 5" Length x 4.5" Girth

What is the difference in firmness?

We offer two types of firmnesses: STANDARD & FIRM. Please note that the firmness of the silicone is directly related to the thickness/circumference of the prostetic sleeve.  The thicker the sleeve is, the firmer the silicone will feel.  


How does RX Sleeve compare to the average size penis?

Below is a common chart found online.  We have added some of our models for reference.