Custom Hole

Custom Hole
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       During the Check Out process, enter your Custom hole dimensions in the Comments area.


You will first need to know your erect Circumference and Length:


You will then need to know the Firmness of the sleeve being ordered:

Standard  - will allow the hole circumference to stretch larger.

Firm  - will not easily allow the hole circumference to stretch larger.

If ordering Standard Firmness you have the option to make the hole circumference slightly smaller for a "snug" fit.

For example:

If your circumference is 5” erect, for a snug fit, we recommend the internal circumference hole of:  4.75" 


The internal hole:

(Newport model in Vanilla with harness)


The chart below is our recomendations on maximum internal hole sizes.

Each model can support different maximum hole Lengths and Circumferences




Silicone material may shrink slightly. 

Standard firmness silicone does stretch to produce a snug comfortable fit.