Why RX SLEEVE? RX Sleeve's models are designed and hand poured in Southern California.  Your safety is our priority, the material utilized to create our models is certified 100% Skin Safe.  Each model is comprised of platinum grade silicone. We are an online business and can be reached via email at, online via LIVE CHAT or by phone weekdays at (844) RX-Sleeve.

RX Sleeve is the industry expert and works closely with Dr.s to fulfill the needs of their patients. We specialize in products for many medical conditions including: Prostate Cancer Survivors, Peryronie's Disease, Decreased Libido, Diabetes, Genital Injury, Hypertension, Medication Interactions, Micro Penis and complications arising from Erectile Dysfunction.   

Medication vs. RX Sleeve? Taking many different medications at the same time is difficult. It can be hard to remember what each drug is for, when you should take it, and how often is should be administered. Most importantly, can you mix your current medication with an Erectile Dysfunction medicine for recreational use?  According to in the Erectile Dysfunction category, some ED medications may cause Headaches, Digestive System Problems, Dizziness, Vision Changes, Flushes, Congestion, Runny Noses, Body Aches and Pains.

RX Sleeve provides our customers with an easy, comfortable alternative option for intimate connections.  Our models are simple to wear and take away any performance anxiety you may be experiencing from your medical condition.  Sexual relationships are very important to our client’s and RX Sleeve’s intention is to provide a safe, newer option for the bedroom. Please consult with your Dr. to make sure RX Sleeve is a viable option for you.

We are not embarrassed, so don't be either. Ask any question you may have at any time, please don't hesitate to send us a line at or you may reach us live through our website.


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